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Live streaming video and audio to the Operations Centre who will get the right emergency services to your exact location.
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The most advanced, responsive, effective and affordable security app in Australia.

Introducing the latest innovation from Duress – the Falcon. The user can choose to wear it as a watch or a wearable on a lanyard!
Duress App, Phoenix and Falcon allows you to discretely request Police, set a welfare timer, as well as stream live video, audio and location, all with a tap.
Duress App and devices are connected to the Duress Operations Centre (DOC), our A1 ASIAL graded monitoring service, giving you real time protection 24/7, Australia-wide.

Operators and organisations can contact the user directly through the device or App via 2 way audio communications, whilst automated check-ins keep users safe without the need for them to manually check-in themselves.

Contact us today to organise a demo or to get more information. Visit Duress to learn more.



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