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If you don’t have a business emergency response / continuity and recovery plan in place already, NOW is the time to get cracking on one. We have put together a practical Emergency Management and Recovery Plan template for you to populate. It is free to download.

The plan is risk based and in sections from planning and preparedness to response to recovery. It is designed to be specific to your business and the risks it faces from extreme weather events, catastrophic fires or building damage to the current pandemic situation we find ourselves facing.

NOW is the time to gather the essential information required to manage your business, including insurance and bank details, staff contact and next of kin details and contingency resources.

If you are asking staff to work from home during the COVID-19 response, your obligations for their health and safety do not stop just because they aren’t working from the usual workplace. Their temporary work area at home must be suitable and safe for the type of work they are doing and this includes good lighting, computer and internet facilities, ergonomic considerations such as the desk and chair being used, and ensuring electrical and fire safety controls are in place. A Work from Home Self-Assessment Checklist is attached and should be downloaded and provided to all staff working from home. The completed checklist is to be sent back to provide evidence that their WFH set up is suitable. If not, you may need to provide resources  to help them do their work safely.

If you need help with any business continuity or work from home preparations, please call or email.

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