Future-proofing your best asset

So you are fully insured for health, life, income loss of assets, the list goes on and on….. But are you future-proofing your biggest and best asset? YOU! You are the best asset you have. It’s worth looking after!

I went to an incredible talk during Safety Month last year. The message that resonated with me was a speaker who very emphatically said “If you don’t have good, strong mental health, then nothing else matters”. Are you checking in with yourself, through whatever means you prefer – meditation, reflection or with a trained professional to get perspective on all the things going on in your life? How are you coping with the pace of your life?

Physical health is without a doubt also very important. Your body is an engine. It needs the right fuel, a good thorough servicing regularly and a bit of structural maintenance from time to time. It also needs to keep moving on a regular basis or things start to seize and break down.

Hydration is key to health. Your brain is made up of around 75% water and needs a steady intake of water to keep performing at optimal levels. In your key role, your brain is ticking all the time. So next time you get up to grab another coffee, how about swapping it out for a big glass of water or even herbal tea?

Food is fuel as well as medicine. Eat well with a variety of protein and a rainbow of veggies on your plate. Have healthy snacks in the office.

And please, GO TO THE DOCTOR. Don’t shrug off a twinge here and a nagging pain there. Get it checked! Have a comprehensive medical check every year. Look after your best asset – it’s really the only one you have.

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